Ruthless rapist sentenced to over 1,500 years imprisonment

JOHANNESBURG—Albert Justice Morake would rape his targets – often in front of their helpless, bound partners – and then give them advice on how not to be raped again.

Despite being forensically linked to most of his 29 rapes and found guilty of 144 serious criminal charges, he denies any wrongdoing.

It was this arrogance and lack of remorse that forced the hand of Judge Rean Strydom, who sentenced Morake on Wednesday in the high court in Joburg sitting at Palm Ridge to more than 1,500 years in prison, in 2015.

While he will serve only a life sentence of 25 years before he can apply for parole, there was a cutting message from the soft-spoken judge.

Morake’s rape and kidnapping spree began in 2007 and continued for five years.

He would take women hostage at gunpoint, sometimes while they were with their partners, who would be bound and forced to watch.

During some of the about 30 rape incidents, he would allow an accomplice to join in and violate his targets.

In one incident, he shot one of the people he had kidnapped and left them for dead, prompting Judge Strydom to believe that Morake was capable of murder if he faced resistance.

During Morake’s lengthy trial, many victims explained how the rape had affected their lives, from an inability to trust men to marital problems and being afraid to walk anywhere at night.

“The victims are unable to live normal lives,” said Judge Strydom, who occasionally shot a piercing gaze at Morake – who failed to react throughout the sentencing.

Judge Strydom said Morake’s lack of remorse and continuous denial of what he had done was an indication the serial rapist could never be rehabilitated.

Morake’s lawyer asked the court for leave to appeal, but Judge Strydom said it was unlikely another court would rule differently.

The application was denied.

After the proceedings, one of Morake’s young victims told The Star she was pleased he would not be bothering any other women for a long time and labelled him a “pathetic liar” for never admitting to the crimes.

National Prosecuting Authority spokeswoman Phindi Louw said the NPA was satisfied with the sentence handed down because it had successfully fulfilled its obligation to the victims of such violent crimes.

She said the NPA would continue to push for lengthy sentences for such heinous offenders.

Albert Justice Morake was sentenced to:

1) 30 life sentences for the 30 rapes.

2) 10 years for each of the three charges for enabling his accomplice to rape.

3) 15 years each on the 24 robbery counts.

4) Five years for each of the 41 kidnapping charges.

5) Five years for each of the 28 illegal possession of a firearm charges.

6) One year for each of the six illegal possession of ammunition charges.

7) Three years for each of three theft charges.

8) Six months each for two counts of assault.

9) Five years each for three attempted robbery charges.

10) Three years for an attempted murder charge

SOURCE: The Star

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  1. A big lesson to learn by other perpetrators if they were caught. Rape cases are getting more worrisome. It is my wish to allow more detection of other hidden criminals for their judgement.

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