Veteran U.S. soldier who made racist comment and death threat against #BlackLivesMatter protesters has been removed from duty

The TOWN CRIER gathered that on June 5, 2020, a twitter user with the handle @EyeFlankedYou published a picture of a veteran U.S. soldier who had posted a picture of himself on his social media platform with a racist and death threatening caption that reads:

“Bout to put some rioters faces on those RIP shirts”

@EyeFlankedYou called on Twitter users to “find out who this is,” as he insisted that “Coming from a veteran who served in the Army this BS is not okay,” and he urged twitter users to retweet if it got to their timelines.

In no later time, the tweet went viral, recording more than sixty thousand retweets and over seventy thousand likes.

Meanwhile, on June 6, 2020, @EyeFlankedYou saw the need to intensify his campaign for a disciplinary action against the soldier, hence he tweeted again, this time, calling on “everyone to go to @USNationalGuard page and comment under their most recent tweet “hold Duncan accountable” until they make a public statement.”

“This shit isn’t right for a fucking soldier of the U.S Army to be posting. Let’s keep the pressure applied on them!” he added.

At 4:14 PM, the California National Guard announced that it has removed the soldier from duty and “apologize for what was said”

According to LinkedIn, the racist U.S. soldier was identified as Travis Duncan, an Army veteran of nine years of service, who lead, taught, supervised and served as a member of twenty person team that trained in defensive combat skills, employed vehicles and weapon systems, and conducted security patrols while on foot or mounted, during fast paced and stressful situations.

However, as at the time of filing this report, Travis Duncan profile could no longer be found on the LinkedIn platform.

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