Pan Africanism beyond the theories!

By Aina Ademola

So many persons have not explicitly comprehended or understood what Pan Africanism is all about. Pan Africanism goes beyond the books; it goes beyond the theories; it is a way of life emanating from a fully digested idea or ideology.

To espouse unambiguously what Pan Africanism actually entails, we must then take tenaciously into cognizance the basic elements that are catalysts to being a full Pan Africanist.

We must understand clearly that Pan Africanism is a deliberately conceived way of life. To be conscious of being Pan African is to be aware that Pan Africanism is a highway that connects motherland people here in Africa and in the diaspora. As a Pan Africanist, your solidarity must be to the motherland, its people and every revolutionaries dedicated to the cause of the total conquest of imperialism and racial supremacy. But your solidarity, as a Pan Africanist, must first be to the African continent and its people.

Pan Africanism is not necessarily physical, it is mental. Pan Africanism is having the consciousness that the geographical or the territorial barrier that demarcates African countries should never demarcate the solidarity and unity among  them. 

We must act as one, and speak in unison. As Kwame Osagyefo Nkrumah rightly said in his words on Ghana’s Independence day in 1957, ‘divided we are weak, united, Africa will be one of the greatest forces for good in the world’.

Pan Africanism does not necessarily connote Africans uniting under one machinery, It is the spirit of unity among Africans and this spirit can manifest in diverse ways. Kwame Nkrumah who was a great Pan Africanist also stated on Ghana’s independence in 1957: ‘Our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent’.

That’s what Pan Africanism does; that’s the physical manifestation of the Pan African spirit. Pan Africanism wants to see Africa as a united force, grow and become one of the un- demystified forces for good in the universe. As a Pan Africanist, you must believe completely in Motherland and it’s people. You must be ready to accommodate your fellow Africans in whatever condition, holding on to the fact that the only thing you have in common is that you’re both from Africa.

I hereby encourage all Pan Africanists to jettison and outright eject any form of the flagitious and vicious white supremacist ideologies and paradigms that were injected into us to divide and conquer us. We must reject the poisons and then inculcate into ourselves, PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY, and THE SPIRIT OF LIBERATION (political, economic and social ) and SERENITY!

As I have clearly stated ab-initio, Pan Africanism is directly Africanism. It is aimed at seeing Africa and Africans free from political oppression, economic exploitation and social degradation of whatever dimension. Pan Africanism is anti imperialistic. It’s directed towards seeing Africans control their own destinies and not by any external machinery.

As a Pan Africanist you must love Africa and do Africa; you must do everything within your power and your might to develop motherland and it’s people. You must completely be Afrocentric and jettison any form of eurocentrism. 

Unity is vital! We must understand that it was because the white supremacists were united that they were able to invade Africa and exploit our resources and perpetrate many reprehensible acts against us. It was because Americans were united that they were able to kick out the English colonialists out from their land.

How then can we fight the enemy, if internally we aren’t united? Unity is a prerequisite for freedom through Pan Africanism.

Preaching Pan Africanism is, therefore, our historical obligation to our people and generations to come!

Aina Ademola

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40 comments to “Pan Africanism beyond the theories!”
      • Well said bro, but the problem of Africa unity lies on thr mental imperialism which has really been inject to the mind of Africans. The unity of Africa countries will bring breakdown and downfall to most countries in Europe and Asia, because of the fear of Africa unity, they try all their possible best not to make Africa in unison.

        Let forget about Gadaffi, let take the herbal solution of COVID-19 by Madagascar as a case study, even Africans themselves never accept or approve the usage of the herbs just because the World Health Organization never approved it. Will such bring unity.

        My contribution to this, contemporary Pan Africanist, most especially, Africans in diaspora should largely be responsible for the effectiveness of African unity.

        I would gladly say that, Africans should fight against cultural imperialism, social degradation and white supremacy over our motherland. Africans should be more Afrocentric rather than eurocentric.

        Even, we are even alienable to our cultures. Black lives matter, but black culture doesn’t matter?
        If we are free from social,cultural and dependable imperialism, then Africa would be grate again.

        Nice one bro!!!
        Keep the good work going.

  1. I agree with you totally brother. Panafricanism is realising that we are Africans and Africa is our business. It is a mental state of awareness in the words if Bob Marley it is the emancipation if the mind against slavery which is imperialism

  2. Years after independence, we still see other cultures as superior and better than ours, throw stones at each other, and appreciate everything foreign. Truly, If we can unite and embrace our culture Africa will be a great continent.
    Keep preaching Pan-Africanism!

  3. The truth is bitter but it’s the real truth. Goodj ob! More grace, wisdom and understanding in Jesus name.

  4. This piece is a great contribution to the debate and all other efforts from different platforms across Africa on how we can promote Pan-Africanism within and outside Africa.
    The likes of Marcus garve, W.E.B. Du Bois, Haile Selassie, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba, Leopold Sedar Senghor, Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, MKO Abiola et al did so much on Pan-Africanism but the current crop of leaders across Africa are unfortunately myopic, corrupt and friends of Western imperialists.

    • Exactly, the current leaders we have and their intellectual shortsightedness have subjected Africans to so many socio-politcal and economic hazards
      Pan Africanists like Haile selassie of Ethiopia, Thomas Sankara of burkinafaso, Gadaffi, Nkrumah and the likes contributed immensely and tremendously to Pan Africanism but we have vicious political elites destroying everything these great men did…we need a Pan african and black consciousness revolution, that’s the way for emancipation.

      Thanks for reading❤️

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