The Man Called Cabral

By A.S Afereno

Brighten the sky oh heaven’s creator
For it is another birth to celebrate
Quake the firmament
For this we can’t afford to underrate
It is all for joy and happiness
Though born into a wealthy wilderness

The four walls of Bissau rejoices
Cape verdeans choral voices
For it was as if they knew
Their land is to become anew

Who is thou who shaketh the rivers of capitalism?
Who is thou who quaketh the lands of imperialism?
A war has begun
A war with and without gun

The enemies were never asleep
Always wishing for his fall and exit
No peace for the wicked they say
His death their benefit in a million way

He’s gone
Though he’s no more
Years after his light’s still on
Always fueled by his admirers
Those who bought his ideas

Weep no more ô comrades
For it is not to furiously agonize
But to consciously organize
For those were his legacies
We can’t afford to underrate in fantasies

For I am bewildered with a billion questions
Who is this sacrifice for our freedom
Why did he die for our freedom
When did he die for this lovely freedom
How did he die for this unmerited freedom
Where did he die for this freedom

Who is no matter to a freed man
Why is as obvious as the alphabets
When is when we remember he once existed
How is still starring at us in the face today
Where was the question we all have to know

He died
He died that we may not die a second death
But that death is today taken for granted
Those he died for
What he stood for
Never again shall the enemies take another life
For our eyes to be opened to their evils

Read about his works
Continue his struggles
For fear was never his trait
Except for those who wants to betray
Think like him
Act like him
To save your generation
Just as was done



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