A.S Afereno

In this world of ours,
Everything is so believable.
They come to tell us every 4 years.
Those melodies sweet in our ears.
We dance to the rhythm
And at the end we forget all they said.

We are highly carried away.
Fanaticism, tribalism and particism.
We don’t even care who they truly are
Not even their sincerity
Or passion for humanity

Is he from Kaduna?
No he’s not
Is she from Oyo?
No she’s from Oron
Are they in our great party?
No they are in a new idea.
Forget about it my dear.
They can’t emerge.
Let’s not waste our costly ballot.

One dollar will equal one naira.
I will build you bridges in the sky.
Your schools shall know no tuitions.
Our economy will overtake the heavens.
In fact we will die for our people.
But as at when practicable,
Support us and make yourself great again.

No room for questioning
They talk and drive off.
The arena is filled up
Waiting patiently for the sharing time
Brooms – umbrellas and some token

The people don’t even care.
The agenda is so simple and clear.
They will make their land great again.
What more do they want to know?
Just vote and get the dividends
This dividends on skyscrapers
You are not tall enough to get yours.

Every 4 years in this kingdom,
It is like an Nkwo market day
Future, destiny and life are all sold.
Aren’t we deceiving ourselves?
They will never give your children schools.
Weapons only will they receive
To kill one another
Sister and brother
So their children can take over
While yours duel in battle with each other.

I expected you today
To have understood
This unending sermon of the honourables
That their sweet words are nothing
But mere political utopia.


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