– A.S Afereno

ye brethren.
Come let us reason together.
This Niger area of ours.
That which started when Lord Lugard
The bank manager
Gave his lover the mantle to lend.

Flora Shaw was so happy,
She lent it with so much joy.
Something that was never her own.
Our hard earned history,
Wiped off just in the blink of an eye.
Our culture somersaulted into the mud

We gladly borrowed everything.
Even to the name of our land (Nigeria)

Now is the time to pay
For all that we’ve borrowed
Without English
You are not gentlemanly
Put on the suit
And look smart and gentlemanly.
Christianity or Islam we must practice
Our history is nowhere to be found.
The democracy is truly crazy
It permits all sorts of ills.
To our growing political system.

The name Nigeria is not ours.
It was borrowed from Aunty Flora.
It has been drinking dry our wells
It has been eating dry our green leaves
We have it all
But they took it all.
The real owners of the land
Those who lent the name to us
Those who now claim our properties.

We are tired of borrowing
This long lasted business must stop.
These IMF and World Bank tactics.�
They are no good destinations
To our growing nation.
They are only but eternal slavery.

A rich kingdom
Now In Dependence
That Dependence of October 1st
Never was it freedom
It was only a transition to another rolling chain.

Isn’t this an irony?
That King Solomon should be lacking wisdom
Or that he no longer have wives?
Once a wealthy strong man
Now a lonely weak one
Just because he now borrows even his own breath.

The captain has led with example
The land of upright men is a perfect sample
Let us do away with this Niger area
That which has brought us fever and malaria
It was never meant for us
The rich but poor kings
It was structured for the US
The strangers turned masters.

As long as we continue
In this borrowed name of ours
They shall take continuously our possessions
In harmony let’s fix our own naming ceremony.

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