Wisdom to Epileptic Love

By Okafor Uche

Truly, kissing is appetency as the deer pants for water
And mating works like charm against the innocent
Trousers get all the pleasures
Skirts shoulder the pains
When the cap says I love you,
The scarf takes it for sincerity.
As the protruding stomach gradually announces the result
like an iroko tree struggling for shape,
The trouser rejection sounds louder than last day trumpet
Nine months in pain
Three moons in the hospital
A fruit without fatherly love
The blessing envied by the fruitless turns illegitimate.
A fruit without a name from his root
The fruit is a bastard and the mother
a whore figure to the world of reality and circumstance.

Come, dish out from the pot of wisdom.
Be wise as a serpent and smart like a dove.
Because life is in faces and menace in sizes.

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