By A.S Afereno

When Umbutu decided to bow to their
Like Shedrach, Meshack, and Abedenego,
This brother said, NO!
When Compaoré choosed the parcel over his
This brother once again said, NO!
When Mbeki offered him cowries,
A thousand times he insisted, NO!

What more can they then offer this Mr. No?
Or the Queen of England?
He refused all glittering things,
That which does not favour his people.

A selfless man of wisdom,
A defender of truth,
A gallant and unshaken comrade,�
A commandant of the socialist forces,
A famous genius of his generation.
A man who once died on November 23 ,
And resurrected in 7 days.

They only thought,
But they just couldn’t.
He was too strong a bone,
To chew him you would need teeth surgery.
One that requires a million dentists.
Fear him o ye enemies of the land,
His presence should chase you away.

Do not dare him in struggle,
Like a mother hen,
The chicks are not to be toyed with.
Danger awaits you who try.
His duty is to defend those innocent chicks.
Touch not the anointed,
And do him no harm.

A man whom even the gods admire,
We thank the ancestors,
For giving us your kind.
Your courage has inspired millions.
Your words are of true wisdom.
We feel safe and secured.
With our loving hero and legend,
Whom our varsities pests,
Will never forget in a hurry,
He was a pesticide and an anti-virus.
In this unsafe institution of ours,
We will forever remember…
Your entry,
Your stay,
Your exit.
From the gates of citadel of oppression,
Greater battle ahead brother.

You deserve a billion odes
You deserve a billion red carpets.
We doff our caps before thee,
Majekodunmi Osereme of Esan-Land.

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